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DuctSox fabric ductwork installed in University students center

Educational Facilities

Redefining Air Dispersion

Educational Facilities looking to expand or retrofit existing spaces with more energy efficient HVAC systems run into many structural and design limitations along with budget concerns.  

Systems that utilize DuctSox provide uniform and efficient air dispersion for new construction and retrofit projects for a variety of environments across campus. Additional benefits include a total lifetime ownership cost that is significantly less than comparable metal ductwork. Each DuctSox system is custom designed to meet the specifications for each space to ensure optimum performance.

Educational Spaces

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Auditorium Space


Uniform air dispersion is key for comfort in auditoriums, keeping a comfortable environment for viewers and preformers.

Student Center

Commons Areas

DuctSox creates a comfortable enviroment for gathering or just passing through.


Kitchen Facilities

Kitchens require high volumes of supply airflow with minimal drafts for nearby exhaust hoods and equipment to operate efficiently. With traditional metal diffusers, many common problems can affect employee comfort and food safety.  DuctSox provides a variety of unique solutions to address these critical airflow challenges in commercial, industrial kitchens, and food preparation environments.
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Student Dining Center

Restaurant and Cafe Spaces

Great food, and great service are key things that it takes to make a restaurant profitable.  A great ambience along with comfortable setting is another key factor.  DuctSox provides uniform air distribution to prevent the dumping effect experienced with a metal duct system.  Porous fabrics paired with Skelecore technology offer great aesthetics to prevent the DuctSox from deflated when the unit is off, and the fabric porosity prevents condensation from ever occuring preventing a potential trip hazard or deem an area unuseable.


Library & Classroom Areas

DuctSox help to eleminate distraction in library and class room environments by maintaining uniform air dispersion.

Office Space

Office - Administrative

Uniform air dispersion creates a comfortable enviroment for employees.

Custom Solutions to Fit Your Space

Aquatic Centers / Pools

Each DuctSox system is custom designed to meet the specifications for each application to ensure optimum performance.

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Athletic Facilities

DuctSox air dispersion systems are a perfect fit for large indoor sporting facilities such as indoor practice venues, fitness spaces, and competitive arenas.

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Laboratory & Healthcare

DuctSox traditional and diffuser products are engineered to provide better air dispersion control for these demanding environments.

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