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ZOO Fans Product

ZOO Fans by DuctSox

DuctSox innovative ZOO Fans and smart controls are available in two product categories that offer unsurpassed performance and value - Destratification Fans and JetVent Fans.

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ZOO Fans Product

Destratification Fans

Lowering the Cost of High Ceilings 

Gently mix the air from ceiling to floor and eliminate hot and cold spots. Or, place the fans closer and turn them up to provide spot cooling. Unlike some destratification fans, ZOO Fans offer full variable speed control as a standard feature. This allows the user to fine-tune comport and savings--individually, in zones, manually, automatically or via BAS. Improve comfort with ZOO Fans' patented designs. 

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ZOO Fans Product

JetVent Fans

Smart Garage Ventilation 

Quiet, variable speed EC motors power these energy-saving induction fans to provide cleaner, safer air quality, at lower cost. JetVent fans produce more air, much more quietly and efficiently than impulse fans and other induction ventilation fans, and eliminate costly ducting runs. Dynamic ventilation control, based on pollutant levels - why manage clean-air levels any other way? 

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