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Directional Damper System

The Directional Damper uses an internal fabric membrane to direct airflow through either the top or the bottom of a DuctSox system. This allows for different air dispersion patterns depending on whether the Directional Damper is venting air up or down.

  • Design flexibility for two independent CFM configurations to match the needs of the space.
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Available up to 36” diameter
  • Elbows and Tee connections are available.

Airflow Configurations

The Directional Damper changes position and moves the internal membrane up or down, covering half of the duct to achieve the desired airflow configuration.

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Damper Positions

The most common use for the Directional Damper is to disperse hot air through the bottom of the system and disperse cool air through the top of the system during heating and cooling cycles.


Next Steps

When designing a fabric system, DuctSox engineers will detail performance and design requirements while creating a custom solution for your application.

In addition to design assistance, DuctSox provides an extensive Engineering and Design Manual that will guide you through the key elements of a DuctSox system.

Whether for a new building or retrofitting an existing space, DuctSox Airflow Solutions just make more sense than metal ductwork.

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