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DuctSox Fabric Air Dispersion Installed in a grow facility.

Grow Room Ductwork and HVAC Systems

Customizable Airflow Solutions

Airflow is critical in producing optimal growing conditions for each stage of plant growth. Without proper airflow the following challenges may occur and need to be addressed, condensation & mold growth, uniform air distribution and cost.

With these challenges in mind, DuctSox customized airflow solutions for grow room HVAC systems are a cost-effective alternative to metal ductwork that provides targeted, precise, and efficient grow room ventilation for new and retrofit construction.


DuctSox understands that no two facilities are alike. Because of this each system is designed to meet the specifications for each space to ensure optimum performance placing the correct amount of airflow where it’s needed.

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Four Areas of Focus for Growing Facilities & Air Dispersion

DuctSox fabric ductwork installed in a greenhouse facility

Next Steps

When designing a fabric system, DuctSox engineers will detail performance and design requirements while creating a custom solution for your application.

In addition to design assistance, DuctSox provides an extensive Engineering and Design Manual that will guide you through the key elements of a DuctSox system.

DuctSox customized airflow solutions for grow facilities are a cost-effective alternative to metal ductwork that provide targeted, precise and efficient heating, cooling or ventilation for new and retrofit construction. Fabric ductwork is easy-to-clean, quieter than most traditional metal ductwork and are a great low-maintenance alternative to traditional metal HVAC systems.

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Why Fabric?

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Fabric Vs Metal

White Paper

Keeping the temperature, humidity, and air circulation consistent within a grow room is a critical factor in maximizing plant growth and health.
DuctSox airflow solutions feature innovative options that have been engineered to optimize air movement in these types of facilities.
Explore more benefits of using fabric in this white paper.
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Optimized Air Dispersion

DuctSox creates a uniform temperature and velocity that increases your grow facilities yields and profits while also improving hygiene.


  • Antimicrobial fabric: doesn't collect condensation making it far more hygienic
  • Easily laundered: zipper installation allow for simple removal and installation
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Explore Additional Critical Environment Applications

Food Processing

New innovations have made maintenance and hygiene a vital advantage to using DuctSox products in food processing facilities.

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DuctSox Fabric Ductwork installed in a Data Center about server racks
Data Centers

DuctSox has developed the first directionally adjustable air displacement system for the data center industry.

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Laboratory & Healthcare

DuctSox traditional and diffuser products are engineered to provide better air dispersion control for these demanding environments.

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