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DuctSox air dispersion system 3D shape preview


Selecting a Suspension System

Whether horizontal, vertical, or angled, round DuctSox are available in a variety of traditional suspensions with patented SkeleCore retention system options. For applications where the DuctSox will be mounted against a flat surface (wall, ceiling, or both), the surface mount products feature flexibility for shape, configuration, and inlet position (end, top, back). DuctSox systems are lightweight and easy to install lowering overall installation costs.

DuctSox Fabric Ductwork 3D Model

SkeleCore FTS and Pull-Tight

DuctSox’s patented SkeleCore system utilizes an Internal Framework System to provide aesthetic enhancement and improved performance characteristics. There are two SkeleCore models to choose from, FTS (Fabric Tensioning System) and Pull-Tight.

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traditional suspension 3D model

Traditional Suspension Systems

IHS | Internal Hoop System - with Track or Cable

  • Easy installation with Track or Cable. Longer life expectancy with less fabric sagging and wrinkling compared to multiple row and horizontal suspension systems. Ideal for variable air volume (VAV) applications.

1 Row | 2 Row | 3 Row - with Track or Cable

  • Easy installation & maintenance with lowest initial cost compared to other suspension systems.

Hangers: 3x1 | 4x2 - with Track or Cable

  • Simple installation with Track or Cable. External hanger supports easily detach for maintenance.
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