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DuctSox fabric diffuser installed in a warehouse facility.

C-Series Fabric Diffusers

Redefining Air Dispersion

The C-Series fabric diffuser provides 360 degrees of even air dispersion at significantly lower costs than comparable products. Facility spaces that cannot use ductwork for physical or financial reasons, but still require air distribution are an ideal fit for the C-Series.

In addition to outperforming most insulated metal designs, the C-Series provides many added benefits due to its fabric construction, including a lightweight build and 30-50% lower material cost than comparable metal diffusers.

DuctSox C-Series Image Preview

Features and Benefits

  • 360° Even Air Dispersion
  • Not limited the traditional 4 or 6 sides
  • Brings Occupied Space to Temperature 22% Faster
  • Lower Material Cost
  • Easy to Ship - Low Weight
  • Lower Ceiling Load
  • Easy Installation
  • No Condensation
  • Flexible - Simplified Design
  • Lower Maintenance
  • Stainless Steel Options Available
  • Variety of Fabric Offerings Include:  ​Anti-Microbial Custom Colors & Patterns
  • Available with flat or 30° angle diffusion
  • Available with round or square top inlet

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