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DuctSox fabric diffuser 3D image detail

D-Series Fabric Diffusers

Redefining Air Dispersion

Designed specifically for critical environments, the D-Series diffuser combines airflow design with specialized permeable fabrics and precisely shaped panels. Airflow in laboratories is a critical design factor as turbulent air can negatively affect research or even cause hood failure resulting in a compliancy issue. The D-Series advantage is clear as air passes through specialized fabric panels resulting in uniform, low velocity, radially diverging air patterns with little if any turbulence.

DuctSox C-Series Image Preview

Features and Benefits

  • Provides low velocity dispersion pattern
  • Provides both vertical and horizontal dispersion pattern
  • Micro-perforated fabric face(DT200 fabric)
  • Active antimicrobial treatment(Rx fabric)
  • Clip face attachment for quick and easy install(Clip face)
  • Snap frame attachment for quick and easy install(Snap frame)
  • 6” deep metal back pan with rigid diffusion panel
  • Diffuser face is designed for room side removal
  • Allows for diffuser face to be cleaned in the laundry

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