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Customizable Airflow Solutions

The consumables industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of the U.S. economy. It is generally defined as encompassing all areas of food and beverage production, including manufacturing, processing, packaging and growing, as well as food service, restaurants and retail (grocery).

While no two consumables industry facilities are the same, there are a variety of common air-flow related environmental challenges that they face. Metal duct solutions can contribute to poor indoor air quality and contamination; due to:

  • Insufficient airflow that encourages microbial growth
  • The need for drip pans to collect condensation
  • Remaining condensation on surfaces from washdowns and lack of airflow
  • Cross-contamination in harsh washdown applications
  • Safety hazards when cleaning elevated work areas
  • Downtime and labor costs of system-wide cleaning

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DuctSox Fabric Opti-X Silver Image

Opti-X Fabric: Only Available from DuctSox

DuctSox air dispersion solutions provide better indoor air quality, better environmental control; and a better cleaning experience.

  • Targeted air dispersion options prevent condensation buildup throughout the facility
  • Opti-X fabric controls the growth and spread of bacteria, fungi, and molds in consumable environments
  • Antimicrobial, medical grade and shed proof fabric
  • Promotes a healthier work environment
  • Can be laundered
  • Optional clean inlet design with no cover belt and quick disconnect

Download Opti-X Fabric Sheet

Low Maintenance

A variety of suspension options are available including the stainless-steel food grade R-Track suspension system.

  • The unique design of the R-Track makes fabric removal for cleaning, quick and easy
  • Zippered segments at the end of a run to allow removal of the whole length from a single access point

  • Recommended to use spare sets of socks for laundering, to minimize down time during scheduled cleanings

Reduced Condensation

The sanitation cycle in food facilities is essential to keeping operations and product clean and safe throughout the supply chain. However, that same necessary cycle introduces unwanted condensation.

Fabric ductwork eliminates this issue with the following features:

  • Entire duct is comprised of breathable fabric material, condensation is not able to form or rest on the exterior of the duct
  • Targeted air dispersion helps prevent condensation on walls, ceilings, floors and production equipment

  • Features a zippered section design to allow for sections to be removed, commercially laundered, and re-installed

DuctSox fabric ductwork installed in a greenhouse facility

Next Steps

When designing a fabric system, DuctSox engineers will detail performance and design requirements while creating a custom solution for your application.

In addition to design assistance, DuctSox provides an extensive Engineering and Design Manual that will guide you through the key elements of a DuctSox system.

DuctSox customized airflow solutions for grow facilities are a cost effective alternative to metal ductwork that provide targeted, precise and efficient heating, cooling or ventilation for new and retrofit construction.

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