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Retail Spaces

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Auto Dealer

Automotive Center

Poor design in a automotive center can cost a fortune in operating expenses when trying to maintain proper temperatures. With the newest innovation in fabric systems, you can now efficiently heat and cool your the space for your employees and customers needs.

Fitness Center

Fitness & Recreational Center

DuctSox air dispersion systems are a perfect fit for fitness and recreational centers such as indoor practice venues, fitness spaces, and competitive arenas. Other applications include auditoriums, convention centers, aircraft hangars and other high bay areas. 

Grocery Store

Grocery Store / Food Market

DuctSox fabric ductwork products were initially developed exclusively for use in the food processing industry several decades ago. The flexible fabric is a cost effective alternative to insulated stainless steel ducting and diffusers. Fabric systems an ideal choice for food processing and USDA-inspected environments and is visually appealing to the consumer.

Restaurant & Bar Area

Restaurant, Bar and Cafe Spaces

Great food, and great service are key things that it takes to make a restaurant, bar or cafe profitable.  A great ambience along with comfortable setting is another key factor.  DuctSox provides uniform air distribution to prevent the dumping effect experienced with a metal duct system.  Porous fabrics paired with Skelecore technology offer great aesthetics to prevent the DuctSox from deflated when the unit is off, and the fabric porosity prevents condensation from ever occuring preventing a potential trip hazard or deem an area unuseable.

Custom Solutions to Fit Your Space

Community Spaces

Airports, Athletic Facilities, Auditoriums, Convention Centers, Laboratories / Medical, Libraries, Offices, Pools, and Tent / Temporary Structures

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Critical Environments

Data Centers, Food Processing, Grow Facilities, Kitchens, Laboratories / Medical, Restaurants, Chemical and Clean Rooms

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Educational Facilities

Athletic Facilities, Auditoriums, Commons Areas, Kitchens, Laboratories / Medical, Libraries, Offices, Pools, and Restaurants

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Food and Beverage, Manufacturing and Warehousing

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Self-Storage Centers

Temperature controlled self-storage facilities are benefiting from the cost savings of installing Ductsox over traditional metal ductwork.

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UnderFloor Air Dispersion

Offices, Tech Centers and High Rise Buildings

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