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DuctSox fabric diffuser installed in a industrial freezer

F-Series Diffusers

Developed for freezers, the F-Series diffuser can be fitted to existing or new equipment operating with frosted coils. By collapsing when the unit goes into a heated defrost cycle, the sleeve keeps the heat inside the unit, speeding the thaw cycle time and reducing the amount of heat that would normally escape into the freezer.

DuctSox C-Series Image Preview

Features and Benefits

  • Low maintenance
  • UL approved Air porous fabric will not condensate during operation
  • Adjustable outlet eases field adjustment for lower flow conditions
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Helps coils thaw quicker resulting in lower defrost cycle time
  • Reduces unintended product thawing in freezer
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Consumables Industry

New innovations have made maintenance and hygiene a vital advantage to using DuctSox products in food processing facilities.

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Grow Facilities

Fabric airflow solutions can be customized to ensure optimum growing conditions for each stage of growth.

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DuctSox Fabric Ductwork installed in a Data Center about server racks
Data Centers

DuctSox has developed the first directionally adjustable air displacement system for the data center industry.

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